Have an influential presence

On the go, on the mobile

Today’s tourists are mobile and they want up to date news and information while on the go. Give your tourists easy insight on your destination and appear professional on all devices.

Civitas Platform

An intuitive take

Showcase the peculiarities your destination has to offer with a sleek and user-friendly interface.


Display local events with a ‘destination-calendar’ to help tourists discover new experiences.

Have a presence

Recommend activities and adventures for tourists to do in and around your destination.


Highlight what makes your destination special

Have your focus on the local experience

Localized Content

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Keep an overview

The Dashboard

Start providing valuable content and information to tourists easily, even with minimal technical expertise. The Platform dashboard gives you and your colleagues all the necessary tools in a minimalistic and efficient manner.


The Event System

Administer local events, organizers and locations for all colleagues and partners. The Event System drives the Calendar.

The Dashboard

Keep tabs on visitor numbers and the overall performance of your Civitas Platform with a precise overview. Google Analytics integration provides you with valuable data to view.

The Blog System

Share the interesting stories of your destination and recommend activities for tourists visiting your area.

The Tag system

Tags are used to group related content which makes it easy for tourists to navigate your Platform. The Tag System uses an algorithm that showcases relevant content for visitors based on their interests and behavior.

The Experience System

Highlight your area’s distinctive local marks and sightseeing spots which make your destination unique, let your imagination guide the tourist. The Experience Systems operates on the basis of the Tag System.

Additional Pages

If you wish to add more information regarding your destination, you have endless possibilities. Provide and convey information based on your needs.

Push the boundaries of your destination with the Civitas Platform

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