Civitas Platform
A Shared Vision

We want to breathe new life into Tourist Information.

Reshape the way we create, view and use Tourist information. Tourism is booming, but tourist information- and marketing has been lacking. Now is the time to explore what a digital presence can do for your destination! Use the Platform to reach a broader audience and create marketing plans to tell tourists why they should visit your destination!

The digital universe is waiting for you; jump in and start connecting with tourists from around the world. Give them the opportunity to explore your destination digitally, so they may visit physically.



Who’s behind it?

Meet the Team

We’re a Danish group of make-believers who dream of reshaping the way we create and interact with Tourist Information. Born and raised in coastal towns, tourism is close and dear to us all. However, experiencing it first hand, there is a lack of available tools for destinations to provide valuable information to tourists. We’re on a mission to change that and make Tourist Information modern.

Frederik Lindberg

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

My capabilities and passion lie between economics and IT. I strive to create a synergy that combines economic realities and technical setups in order to establish balance in companies. I’m analytical in my approach when delving into tasks, and aim to be both observing and attentive before I start experimenting with solutions.

Eyun Lindberg

Advisor & Co-founder

I occupy myself with exciting projects, primarily in the Service and IT industry. My knowledge and experience revolves around business development, Application Management and management of intricate projects.

Jarl Eriksen

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

My passion is everything related to technology, which is why any project where I'll be writing code or creating IT-systems is an exciting endeavour. I strive to always be curious in my approach to coding and I find it especially satisfying to deliver concrete technical solutions to both small and large projects and tasks. I pride myself in being a team player who seeks to do more and provide better utility for the company in cooperation with my co-workers.

Magnus Windeløv Jensen

Communication and Brand Manager

I believe that team work and an open mind is the path to success, and it is reflected in my approach to business as well as life. Effective communication plays an important role in prosperous companies and their brands, and even more so between brand and consumer; I strive to find the right fit and the perfect balance.

Push the boundaries with the Civitas Platform

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